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December 4,2010

  As the owner of the Barking Lamb, I have known Mark and Gloria of Green dog promotions for a little over a year. I have found them to be an invaluable resources with their knowledge of canine nutrition and the products that they represent. They have always been available to me to answer questions. Their support with coupons, promotional material and anything else I may need is second to none.

  I have been active in dog show circles for many years and have observed them at many shows recently. I can't recall anyone who interacts as well with the public as mark and Gloria do. They promote without hard-selling and they are available to breeders, handlers, and the public alike. It is wonderful having them out there representing the line that I retail. They direct new people to my store, advertise me in the show publications they hand out, and, in short, get me customers that I would never have the ability to get!

  When I was vendor chair for the Red Rose Classic Dog Show with the Lancaster Kennel Club, it was a pleasure to work with mark and Gloria. Any vendor chair would be delighted to work with them. Their Biscuit bar always attracts a crowd and the idea of donating the funds to charity is brilliant!

RainBear Mahoney, Owner
The Barking Lamb
Ears to Rears Grooming




November 30, 2010

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter in regard to Mark Rogers and Gloria von Zech.

I was introduced to By Nature Dog Food by these 2 enthusiastic people. They discussed the pros and cons of different dog foods and evidentially, I switched to the By Nature product. The Biscuit Bar they usually have at the local shows is a big crowd pleaser and my dogs love the biscuits. I attend shows at least three weekend a month and have rarely seen any dog food reps so interested in the show happenings and talking to individuals about their dogs. They offer suggestions to more difficult dog problems like skin and weight problems.

I am also the show chair for Lehigh Valley kennel Club and have found Mark and Gloria's help priceless. I have been searching for a show sponsor since I became show char two years ago. They produce tabloid which have interesting info about the show giving clubs as well as info on the area and informative dog articles on nutrition and food. They are ready to embrace new ideas.

As I mentioned previously, they have the Biscuit Bar with the proceeds going to the charity of the club's choice. I still hear exhibitors talking about the Biscuit Bar that was offered at our September point show!

Mark and Gloria's dedication and love of dogs is evident. It is a pleasure to work with such knowledgeable and energized people. They would be an assent to any company to have on staff. I appreciate all the assistance they have given my club.

Thank You!

Denice Van Driesen
Lehigh Valley kennel Club Treasurer and December Point Show Chair





February 15, 2011  -  Ya know what ....another KUDO"S for you guys ....and ...yeah ..By Nature ! It was a thrill watching the dogs that had come to the Atlantic Wildwood shows do even better at WKC . So again guys ....great job and you should feel thrilled because of what you do.   Mary Slavoff, Exhibitor, via FaceBook


November 12, 2010

Dear Gloria and Mark,

On behalf of Hanover Kennel Club, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for all you did too make our 100th show weekend a huge success! The By Nature Sponsorship allowed us to provide special prizes and refreshments for our exhibitors and create an atmosphere seldom found any more at dog shows.

The Biscuit Bar was a big hit with everyone (including our dogs!)! The New Hanover Humane Society was most pleased with your check for $425.00 from the proceeds of the Biscuit Bar. The Apple Annie's Bakery cake with the dog motif was adorable as well as delicious! The winners of your dryer drawing were estatic!

Since you have given us your permission, we will include Mark's candid photos on our club web site.

We hope this will be the beginning of a long relationship between By Nature Pet Foods and Green Dog Promotions. Please include us on your calendar for 2011!

Thanks again for everything!

John Boozer III, Show Chairman
Hanover Kennel Club



February 5, 2011  - Demo Girl and Biscuit Boy, thank you for making showing so fun for my kids. They run over to your bar for a treat. A safe place for a teen puppy to hang out and watch the show .Love Thing 1 and Thing 2. Kim Cramer, Exhibitor, via FaceBook



May 30, 2010

To Whom It May Concern,

Our Wilmington Kennel club All Breed Dog Show attracts 1000's of exhibitors and spectators. Our show, which is an average sized event, is just one of many held in this area during the year. Show dog exhibitors are all involved in this sport and all have multiple dogs. They are well educated about canine nutrition and make every effort to feed their dogs only the best. Many include chicken necks, backs or wings as part of their feeding program. many purchase or order their food or supplements at the show. Many are willing to try new products.

Spectators, which depending on the weather, can easily reach 1000. These are all the people who are interested in dogs and most own pet dogs of their own. They also want to feed their dogs the very best, Sometimes, though, they don't know what the best is.

Presence at a dog show is the perfect opportunity to make both the professionals and the pet owning public aware of your product. If you have a concession booth at a show, the club putting on the show brings the consumer to you. A concession booth at a dog show is a simple way to reach the very people who will buy your product.

Martha Doerner, President
Wilmington Kennel Club




February 15, 2011 - I would personally like to thank DFDG (Dog Food Demo Girl) and BB (Biscuit Boy) for this picture.. This truly embodies why we need and want you guys at the dog shows. What other vendor/sponsor "promotes" dogs and dog shows like you guys? Again thank you for these lovely photos. Please keep them coming of all the dogs!!!! I know I would never want to NOT see you at a dog show !  Will Chrzanowski, Exhibitor, via FaceBook


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