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Recommended Metrics - It's All About Accountability


Old-style marketers measure intent to purchase.
Linking Sales and Live Experiential Marketing measures success with actual purchases.

Green Dog

  • New Retailer Acquisition in event area.
    By offering more than current Retailer expectation, the Green Dog makes new Retailer acquisition efficacious.

  • Long term Retailer Retention
    By continuously growing and reinforcing a Retailer's customer base through Live marketing Events, the Green Dog ensures Retailer loyalty to the manufacturer and the brand.

  • Tracking Redemption of Coupons distributed at the Green Dog's Live Marketing events.
    sampling allows the consumer to experience a product or brand but providing easily tracked coupons in addition to samples is a quantifiable measure of new customer acquisition and the effectiveness of Retailer tie-in.

  • Tracking of premium offers provided to Raffle entrants after the Green Dog's Live Marketing events.
    Names obtained from free-entry Raffles will be used in direct mailing campaigns that include event participation follow-up letter, trackable manufacturer premium or purchase incentive coupon and nearest retailer locations. Again, this provides a quantifiable measure of new customer acquisition and the effectiveness of Retailer tie-in.

  • Post Event Retailer Survey
    Did the Live Marketing Event stimulate demand or interest? Additionally, what does the Retailer suggest for improvements to future events? The Green Dog directly surveys participating Retailers and provides the manufacturer with the raw data.

  • Number of New Kennel and Institutions acquired at Live Marketing events.
    Whether these sales or instituted through Retailers of through Direct Distribution, they both represent substantial sales gains and word of mouth!

  • Increase in Social Media traffic and Customer Service inquiries following Live Marketing events.
    This is easily tracked through manufacturer Social Media and web sites and existing Customer Service networks.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

  - Robert Collier (1885-1950)                            

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