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The Benefits of Live Experiential Marketing

                   With The Green Dog

Which would have a bigger impact on your decision to purchase a product - 
reading about it in an ad or trying it out first hand?

(Eleven out of fourteen people say they would rather try it out!)

Green Dog Promotions

  • The Green Dog generates Brand/Product recognition.
    Through the use of targeted pre-event promotion, sampling, information distribution, free-entry raffles, event specific publications, product sales for event selected charities, and event follow-up, we build lasting memories that will make your Product/Brand stand out on the shelf.
  • The Green Dog ties your Brand/Product with the prestige/import of the event.
    Event venues are carefully selected to capitalize on the sentiments of the pet-owning consumer creating a positive and sustained experience that is larger than the Brand/Product itself.
  • The Green Dog allows direct consumer interaction with your Product/Brand.
    This equates to the difference between merely telling people about the features, differences and benefits of your Brand/Product and allowing them to experience these for themselves.
  • The Green Dog builds and maintains "buzz."
    From targeted pre-event promotion, to execution, to event follow-up and current retailer involvement, we get the "right" people talking about you! It is the perfect way to launch a new product or renew interest in an existing one!
  • The Green Dog is cost efficient and efficient.
    This is our expertise and lets you concentrate on your expertise  -  YOUR business. 

53% of 300 senior marketing executives surveyed said that event marketing is the discipline that best accelerates and deepens relationships with a target audience.

Event View Survey 2009  -  Reported By Brand Week       

Green Dog Promotions

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